How it works

Teachers organise their assessment schedule
by selecting from 100s of online assessments

Students complete the assessments online,
getting immediate feedback and clear solutions

Assessments are marked automatically,
giving teachers a diagnostic report

School administrators keep track of progress
and manage the school

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Quizdom has different types of literacy and numeracy
assessments to help you right throug hout the year.
Diagnostic Tests
Diagnostic Tests
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Find out what students do and don’t know

Assessments FOR Learning
Assessments FOR Learning
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Find out what students do and don’t know

NAPLAN Preparation
NAPLAN Preparation
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Build confidence for NAPLAN online.

Summative Tests
Summative Tests
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Measure student progress.

Everyone benefits
School Administrators

Principals can lead a school-wide approach to literacy and numeracy using Quizdom.

Quizdom’s Entrance Tests allow students of like ability to be grouped at the start of the year.

During the year, school-wide progress is easily tracked using the School Assessment Calendar.


Quizdom makes it easy to provide differentiated learning programs right throughout the year

  • Find out what students know and don’t know with Placement Tests.
  • Improve concepts they struggle with using Assessments FOR
  • Learning.
  • Measure their progress with Summative Tests.

Students can access Quizdom at home or school via the student portal.

This means Assessments FOR Learning, NAPLAN Preparation and other assessment exercises can be done as homework.

Students learn at their own pace, getting immediate feedback and clear solutions.

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